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SIBM-H’s MBA Gives You the Entrepreneurship Skills to Set up a Successful Business

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SIBM-H's MBA Gives You the Entrepreneurship Skills to Set up a Successful Business

Are you motivated and passionate about bringing business ideas to life?

Starting a business is an important step in an entrepreneur’s life. Before opening that first business, you need to hone a few skills that are essential to getting your business off the ground. With entrepreneurship skills taught in a classroom, you also need real-world experiences to put the applications and procedure from paper to practical form. SIBM-H’s 2-year MBA degree gives you skills to manage change, mitigate risks and exploit growth opportunities.

At SIBM-H, “You not only learn to be a good manager, but also learn how to make the right decisions at relevant moments.”

How our MBA program empowers you as an ENTREPRENEUR

 Whether your decision to study an MBA is driven by a desire to progress your career, set up your own business or for personal development, SIBM-H MBA is for you. Here’s how.

Case-study approach

You can’t have a two-minute conversation about SIBM-H without mentioning the case method. Being an MBA student, you will read hundreds of cases during your two-year program. Just like the two day FDP on Case Pedagogy. The case method makes for a highly engaging and enriching learning experience.

 Name-brand faculty

Many of today’s standard practices of business have come from the hallowed halls of SIBM-H. Faculty members, guest lecturers, international faculties andyou have the opportunity to directly engage with some of the greatest minds in business today. Take for example, the All India Seminar on Digital and Automation, or the noteworthy paper presentations by Dr. ChittaShyam Sunder, Dr.Jagan Mohan Reddy and other deemed faculties.

Industry relevant pedagogy

SIBM-H MBA offers specializations in the area of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Operations and is based on Choice Based Credit System. Apart from Classroom learning, Value Added Courses, and Enhancement Programmes, Study Tours are regularly conducted to take you closer to the real world situations and practices in the field of Management.

Dipping a toe into online education

 Digital marketing holds huge promise for MBA students. Technology continues to drive business in the 21st century, and mastery of digital marketing operations and techniques is a prerequisite for success. The MBA program at SIBM-H is designed to give you in-depthknowledge of online marketing, social media and branding to efficiently manage your business on the digital front. A Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing Report by Mr. Rahul Jain will be worth your read!

Exclusive Entrepreneurship Club at SIBM-H

 SIBM-H envisions in establishing a strong base of entrepreneurship by motivating you, guiding, &teaching you to face challenges and rise above failures. Periodic workshops and guest lectures are organised to instil you with the right mindset, skills and resources to be a successful entrepreneur.

Through an MBA program, you can gain the invaluable attributes you need to become an entrepreneur – be that setting up your own business or carving your way in traditional business.

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