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20th December 2022

The journey in SIBM Hyderabad has been full of fun and learning, great experiences, and exposure. We have had many activities and events on campus, and Pratibimb- The Photography Club of SIBM Hyderabad, has played a massive role in all these events. We covered the events with great enthusiasm and had a memorable time and experience.

We’ve also made a solid online presence for our club through various engaging series. During our initial days in the club, all the junior members made an introductory reel with their best or favourite pictures to show what photography meant to them. We had an enjoyable time in the process of making those reels. It was a memorable and special experience as it took me down the memory lane to select the best pictures from my gallery. Choosing the best images was not easy as I had to portray my love for photography and show my perception of taking photographs. I included the best pictures which are very close to my heart as well, to show my skills and passion in this field. Every person has favourite stills, and being able to present them to everyone is always valuable. And I’m grateful for this opportunity given to us.

It was amazing to present our perception to the world. We also got to learn the reel-making process where we promoted and motivated each other. All the members helped each other at different stages and guided throughout. We hope to continue working together and have more fun and learning activities in the coming times!

Aarushi Pathak

MBA Batch 2022 – 24

Pratibimb- The Photography Club

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