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Such is the power of her.



Crackling mind, nervous heart,

Being the leader, she drips confidence,

Internal shivers, externally bold like a horse,

She paces forward without looking back!

She is at the zenith of wisdom,

Without a glimpse of pride.


Biting nails, sitting on the edge of her bench,

Sweaty palms and fidgeting with her hair was her past,

But today she stands like a dragon,

With glory in her heart and fire in her words,

And lustrous wings lead her to the correct path.


People following quoting her words,

Placing trust with euphoric smiles,

She’s down to earth,

But the aura! oh my sweet lord!

Dazzles,has the power to revitalize,

A thousand of acres of dry land.


After a hard day of labor, she returns,

With applause still resonating her ears,

Shunning the pride, coming home to modesty,

She prepares a meal for two,

For her husband and herself.


She doesn’t want the fame,

All she wants is to contribute her bit,

To her husband she owes the real duty,

But is that being reciprocated in the same manner,

She expects to be?


A contented family had a black spell cast on,

On a grey day the phone rang,

The other side sounded like a polished voice of a mistress,

The red color of her cheeks turned blue,

With little to say, she said,

I’m his wife and the message shall be forwarded soon.


The energy she breathed turned into smoke,

Poor lady had to face the atrocity thrown at her face,

Little did she know.

She wiped her tears and gathered the nerve to face the truth.


Such is the power of a woman, dare you underestimate her,

She is so pure at heart that the darkest blot-

Cannot corrupt her mighty soul.

She is the epitome of bravery,

And with a heart of gold,

She is submerged in the pool of serenity,

You cannot afford to challenge her.

Such is the power. Such is the power of her.




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