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SymbiTalks 7.0 – Personal Branding

9th September 2022

As stated by a famous entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” The students of Symbiosis have received an enlightening chance to learn more about personal branding. 

SymbiTalks 7.0 – Personal Branding

Dr. Rajesh Parekh, a resilience coach at Resilient Leadership, shared his insights as he presided on the floor of SymbiTalks 7.0, discussing the topic “Personal Branding: Corporative Narrative”.

Dr. Parekh focused on the importance of developing an enduring reputation. He stated that the key is to project an image that one wants the outer world to remember. Personal branding is about what other people say about you, not what you say. He further said that people pay attention to you when you are knowledgeable in a particular field and provided several examples of successful and unsuccessful people.  

The five steps to build a brand were presented to the students by Dr. Parekh, who emphasized the importance of self-belief as the first step in the process. He also stressed the importance of being self-aware of one’s own capabilities, how much one is visible as a brand, and last but not least, the importance of developing relationships. Dr. Parekh’s stories from his own life that highlighted the value of integrity and motivated the students. He talked about how one should always be prepared to meet obstacles and deal with them positively. 

Lastly, before concluding, Dr. Parekh spoke about the significance of realizing one’s passions, which will aid one in recognizing their uniqueness. The students appreciated his visit and noted his valuable points to work on creating a personal brand. 

– Tanshi Agarwal
Corporate Interaction Cell

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