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The Beginning of “Devipaksha”

25thSeptember 2022

The occasion of Mahalaya brings a spark of joy to Bengalis all over the nation. The day of Mahalaya marks the beginning of the most anticipated 10-day long Durga Puja festival, where the belief goes as Goddess Durga begins her descent to Earth after winning her fight against ‘Mahishasura’.  Bengalis start their day by listening to ‘Mahishasuramardini’, a radio program that is being broadcasted since 1931, recited by Birendra Krishna Bhadra at daybreak. This time, at the campus of SIBM-H, the students hailing from West Bengal or having their roots in Bengal assimilated at the amphitheatre at 4’o clock in the morning for the same. It was a wholesome experience for them as they got a homely atmosphere among people of their own culture, adoring the sunrise as a bonus. The dance vertical of the cultural club of SIBM-H, Vibe, from Antardhwani also presented a performance celebrating this day.  

The Beginning of
Team Antardhwani performing on Mahalaya

The day of Mahalaya also embarks as the end of ‘Pitripaksha’, as it is the last day of a 16-day lunar event, during which people pay homage to their ancestors. With the end of the mourning period and the beginning of the festive period, the cultural significance lies hugely among the hearts and souls of the people, as they wait eagerly for the entire year to get into the liveliness and enthusiasm of the festivities.

Raka Roy

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  1. Your dance performance was amazing! The effort given in by the students, from costumes to choice of songs. Reminded me of durga puja back home.

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