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The Kindle- Exploring the New Frontiers


“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” – Donald Trump.

With a zest of an entrepreneur, and the power of a leader, SCEI – Samarthya, the entrepreneurship cell of SIBM-H, is planning a panel discussion – The Kindle- Exploring the New Frontiers on the 13th of October, 2022.

The Theme of the event is New Age Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing the Indian Economy. Kindle means to “ignite,” which is similar to an entrepreneur who sets out on a quest to fulfill their goals while constantly seeking new ways to help the people and society around them. Their innovative and inventive thought process is reflected in the start-ups they create. The event’s flow is to understand the current business scenario and how young entrepreneurs are inspired by it.

The event consists of three guest speakers who will talk about their entrepreneurial journey, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Saradhi Gonela on the decided topic. The speakers are Mr. Ashwin Mocherla, the Co-Founder of ThickShake Factory; Ms. Mythreyi Kondapi, Co-Founder of Startoon Labs and Founder of Bornphysio; and Mr. Bijo Varghese, the Co-Founder of Cargo Exchange India.

Through this enlightening and informative panel discussion, students will understand and get exposure further to the real-life problems an entrepreneur faces and how decision-making plays a considerable role. The speakers have different industrial backgrounds, yet they all have excellent managerial experiences, which will help them demonstrate skillsets that play a significant role in an entrepreneur’s life.

The three entrepreneurs will be talking about strategic aptitudes, networking possibilities, efficient communication, business awareness, and many other skills that are integral and must be acquired in the process of becoming an entrepreneur.

This panel discussion will be an enriching experience for the students of SIBM-H as they will get the opportunity to learn about the impact a start-up can have on the Indian economy and the contribution made by these start-ups created by our speakers.

Pragya Saha
SCEI Samarthya

2 thoughts on “The Kindle- Exploring the New Frontiers”

  1. Ashok Kumar Vegesna

    I hope this panel discussion will be giving a great opportunity with all the guest speakers speaking about their self experiences to the students , who feel motivated and gain knowledge from the same.

  2. This article is indispensable for anybody embarking into new business ventures whether on a start-up or an established corporation.

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