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The R&D Department at Wipro

4th October 2022

Wipro has its Research and Development (R&D) called Wipro Research. Wipro Research is a research organization that prioritizes working with academic institutions and business organizations. It works on cutting-edge research initiatives in various sectors to speed up innovation for companies utilizing emerging technologies.

Wipro provides services in various industries, ranging from Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, and Banking to the Public Sector, Retail, and Semiconductors. Wipro provides Research and Development (R&D) services in some sectors. Following are the industries that Wipro provides services to have Research and Development (R&D) teams:

  • Network & Edge Providers: The end-to-end product life cycle of next-generation product development is facilitated by Wipro’s telecom R&D services, which include concept, hardware design, software design, development, validation, and certification of products and solutions. Through best-of-breed practices and frameworks, Wipro assists Network Edge Providers (NEPs) in mitigating integration challenges and improving R&D efficiency and productivity.
  • Semiconductor: Wipro Engineering leverages its deep domain expertise to assist semiconductor companies in optimizing their performance and deploying cutting-edge solutions that stand out in the market. Wipro provides transformational, technology-led solutions to eight of the top ten semiconductor companies in product development and engineering, IT infrastructure management and cloud transformation, and business application modernization.
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences: Wipro collaborates with regulators, academia, and corporate partners through its Digital R&D Lab platform. These contract research services are dependable and consistent because they cultivate deeper, longer-term relationships with their sponsors while delivering speed across geographies.


Wipro partners with Xybion, a laboratory software provider, to deliver systems development and platform engineering solutions at scale for contemporary pre-clinical, analytical, quality control, and process sciences laboratories. Xybion and Wipro can jointly offer a solution for employee health and safety in the current situation. Wipro collaborates with NNIT, a software integrator, to offer professional services to Life Sciences clients for platform integration, OCM, validation testing, lab automation solution development, and more.

Wipro is making it possible for R&D, supply chain, pharmacovigilance, and the development of real-world evidence to ingest, access quickly, and derive insights from all of their pharmaceutical data by partnering with the data analytics firm MarkLogic.

Medical Devices:

Wipro creates, develops, tests, and validates products for medical equipment producers. With the assistance of the following services, clients who utilize Wipro’s R&D capabilities speed up their time to market:

• Product Sustenance services add new features and handle component/technology obsolescence for existing and end-of-lifecycle goods. 

• Value Engineering that attempts to improve product features build interoperability, improve quality, and lowers cost.

• Leading companies have used the service to launch several Class II/Class III devices, covering clinical diagnostics, imaging systems, patient monitoring, medication delivery devices, surgical systems, and implantable devices.

What is Wipro’s R&D currently working on:

  • Artificial intelligence – Among the important initiatives are the COVID-19 detection app, the fight against fake news on social media, the discussion of AI ethics, the development of AI models, the application of AI for good, and many others. Providing low-cost, quick, and accurate testing and detection methods for COVID-19 is one of the strategic research areas we have worked on. To create a DIY cough capture software with AI, we are collaborating with leaders in the healthcare industry. It is a quick, efficient, and contactless approach for identifying COVID-19 using an audio sample.
  • Blockchain – Wipro researchers are advancing Blockchain as a more widely adopted technology across industries through relevant research projects such as digital supply chain provenance, game theory for intelligent contracts, etc.
  • 5G – In-depth study and testing are taking on for the 5G generation of wireless technology. Important initiatives being worked on by Wipro include adaptive OTFS and precise positioning utilizing cellular radio waves.

Jarupla Deepak Vardhan
(MBA Batch 2022-24)
CoRe – Centre of Research

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