Do you ever wonder what it is about some people that makes them so confident? So completely comfortable in their skin and radiating such positive, charismatic energy? I used to wonder this too. And then I learned that confidence really comes down to one incredibly simple thing It is by


When you’re “owning it,” it means that you’re totally and completely at peace with who you are in every moment, interaction and experience. You make no apologies for being awkward, nervous, excited, loud, soft spoken or other… you’re just you.

I know, I know… this is easier said than done. But today I’m going to share with you some simple tips, tricks and adjustments you can make to appear (more importantly feel) confident no matter what.

1) Get out of your head!

When you stop engaging in the present moment and begin to think about how you look, sound, feel, smell, etc., you’re creating an immediate disconnect. Whether you’re disconnecting from a conversation or general experience, the effect is the same: You immediately lose confidence.

This loss of confidence creates an energetic wave that is felt by everyone in the same room, interacting with you or listening to you.

2) Own it. Whatever “it” is.

The second way to create instant and unshakable confidence is to totally own it. Whether it’s your opinions, emotions, feelings, words or choice of dessert, just own it. Don’t give a single thought to what anyone else would think of what you’re doing.

You’re you, you want what you want and you do what you do.

No apologies. No explanation. Just own it.

3) Just. Be. You.

This is similar to the last step, but hear me out. When you honor who you really are, you will do things like wear the clothes that you really love… this in turn makes you feel comfortable, and that produces confidence.

Don’t ever pretend to be someone or something you’re not! Just be you. You are amazing. You are unique. You will be so much happier and more confident when you just settle into who you are .