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Why MBA With Work Experience is an Added Advantage?

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Why MBA With Work Experience is an Added Advantage

Over the years, the MBA curriculum has undergone a high-level evolution to include the latest concepts of modern management scenarios. We feel that MBA curriculum is designed in a way that it aims to prepare students for the professional world once they are done with the program. While some people might have an opinion that work experience before MBA program is not relevant, however, another section of people hold contradictory thoughts on this view. We believe that with a relevant work experience, while your chances of getting admission into a reputed college’s MBA program double up, you also become more efficient in handling your job responsibilities as a manager in the near future. Pursuing MBA from SIBM offers a glorious chance to enhance your leadership and communication skills. Below is a list of ways in which MBA curriculum and work advantage will prepare you to be more equipped as a leader:

Shifting your mindset with the role

As a student, you are more focused to finish your assignments on time, however, as a leader, your primary responsibility will be to enable others to achieve their goals and contribute towards the organization’s goals. MBA will provide an excellent transition journey to the role of a leader where you will be required to oversee the work and guide your team.

Your performance as a manager matters

Because you have worked in a professional set-up with several people, you tend to learn from your experiences in the organization and mature over time. As a manager, you will be under a lot of pressure to perform and show that you are worth the opportunity that you have been given. Becoming a leader is a learning process and with the frequent team activities in MBA, you will gain as you go along the journey. An interesting session ‘Will My Idea Work?’ Conducted at T-Hub was very effective in understanding the difference between the functioning of start-ups and corporates.

Shifting from a student to becoming a boss

As a student, you might find the transition to becoming a manager of a team a little awkward at first. Always remember that before being the boss, you are a true team player at heart. You will know how to render support to your team members and provide them with all that they require to succeed.

Becoming a quick learner over time

MBA students are taught to be street smart and quick thinkers. As an MBA graduate, you will develop your own distinct style of learning things and finding shorter and more convenient strategies to finish tasks successfully. Workshops, panel discussions, seminars, discussions and other activities provide a great learning platform while pursuing MBA.

Developing effective communication skills

Yes, another advantage of working before pursuing MBA is your improved ability to interact with people around you. Consistency and clarity are the keys to effective communication. With the numerous interactive activities during MBA, you learn to be more direct as well as specific with your team members. SymbiTalks by distinguished guests are a great source of motivation.

To summarize,

MBA can be a good option after gaining a work experience. With work experience, one gains maturity and perspective, both of which are valuable quantities. It would allow you to relate to the subjects and concepts taught in a typical MBA curriculum.

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