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World Bollywood Day

8th October 2022

In Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad, we as a part of Antardhwani (Panache) celebrated the world bollywood day in a different manner altogether. Our teammates have tried to recreate the famous shots of few of the Bollywood stars ‘Kabir from Kabir Singh’, ‘Veronica from the movie Cocktail’,  ‘Pooja from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’,‘Tina from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ I, Abhimanyu Nasa as ‘Raj from the movie Mohabatein’ and many more. We made videos and posted a reel on Instagram compiling all the videos depicting the main stream stars.

This was a new experience for all of us as it was the first time many of us were in front of the camera, and for me; I was somewhat excited yet nervous at the same point, but as soon as the video was up, it was a different feeling altogether. It got all of us out of our comfort zones by enacting these famous characters.

The popularity of Bollywood has grown significantly over the past decades, and the Bollywood subculture has taken the world by storm to celebrate Indian cinema. World Bollywood Day is celebrated every year on September 24 across the globe, and we celebrate at Symbiosis Hyderabad by trying to replicate the looks of our favorite characters.

Bollywood has given us a lot, and yet we sometimes fail to recognize the efforts it takes to create that magic that we often see on those big screens. There are discrepancies, boycotts, and whatnot! Above all, entertainment is something that no one can deny, and the entertainment which Bollywood films provide us is something we live for. After a hectic day at work, what one needs is some sort of relaxation, and that is when we move towards Bollywood movies or others.

Abhimanyu Nasa
Antardhwani -The Cultural Club

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