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World Suicide Prevention Day- “Keep your loved ones close”

10th September 2022

September is observed as Suicide Awareness month and the 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day. 12 people per one lakh of the population in India commit suicide every year. With our busy and fast-paced lifestyles, we tend to forget to keep in touch with our close friends and loved ones. The problem can be one or many; maybe it was internalized since childhood or had a recent onset, every problem needs to be addressed and every human deserves to be heard. People often think that anyone who commits suicide is weak and frail and just couldn’t fight real-world problems. But what people don’t understand is whoever is taking such measures has been strong their whole life and fighting their own flaws. The only reason they decide to take this last step is that they’ve had enough of the battle and
Just want to put an end to their fight against life.
People often end up being alone and consider taking their life as a last resort, even when in the crowd they feel lonely and have no one to talk to. To avoid that one should always keep their loved ones close so that they can share their problems without feeling judged or prejudiced against. Symptoms of being suicidal can be having mood swings, writing or talking about suicide, being self-destructive, having personality changes and feeling anxious and irritated in social situations, and having a feeling of being isolated

Keep watch for these signs amongst your close friends and loved ones and if someone went through a traumatic experience recently, keep a special check on those people. A person’s outside appearance may give us the impression that they are in good health, but their internal state may be more shattered than we realize Every life is valuable and has a purpose, and no one should be dealing with issues alone. You’ll eventually have someone there for you if you try to be there for them. Everyone deserves to have sound mental health, so if you don’t have someone else to talk to, seek help.

Honey Ahirwar

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